Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Birthday Cake

Last night, I attended the 1st Marine Logistics Group Officers Ball in celebration of the 234th Anniversary of the United States Marine Corps.  That is a long way of saying…I went to a birthday ball!  The Marine Corps makes a really big deal about celebrating our birthday every year.  This year, November 10th marks the 234th anniversary of the Marine Corps.  Marines, past and present, have accomplished so much and we have so much to be proud of as an organization.  I am incredibly blessed to be able to serve as a Marine.  I often joke that I don’t know what I would do if I were a civilian, but I truly believe I was meant for this career.  While being in the military isn’t for everyone, being a Marine is definitely for me.

Part of the birthday ball celebration involves a ceremony.  There is a lot of pageantry involved and I was in the ceremony.  I received many compliments on my performance and was pleased with how it turned out.  I stayed around for a few hours after dinner and then made the drive home from San Diego.  I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was a fun night.  What other job makes you go to a formal ball once a year to celebrate the anniversary of the organization?

I will leave you with a self portrait of myself from last night.  I felt dorky asking someone to take my picture, so I took matters into my own hands.  I have a more detailed post about the Marine Corps scheduled for the 10th.

Oh, my food journaling and half marathon training are going really well!  I am one week in and still on track!  🙂

Birthday Self Portrait


Party Time

I have the Marine Corps birthday ball tonight in San Diego.  It should be an interesting night.  I am in the ceremony, so I am here at the hotel already in my uniform.  I will post all about it tomorrow.  But now it is time to party!

So Sad

I am so sad about what is going at Fort Hood right now.  I feel for the families of the soldiers affected by this.  I am in complete and utter disbelieve that it was another soldier that was responsible for the tragedy.  I have no words.

Please keep the families and friends of those killed and injured in your prayers.  And keep all of the soldiers at Fort Hood in your prayers also.  Military bases are communities and something like this can really rock a community.  You think you are safe when you are on base.  I speak from experience.  To have that comprimised…I can’t even imagine.

Wordless Wednesday


Tis the Season


Okay…today was a good day.  The red cup is back at Starbucks and so are Gingerbread Lattes.  I am on generally one of those people who counts down to Christmas.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  But I like the fact that it is now November and the holidays are upon us.  It doesn’t get better than this time of year!  I made a point to leave my apartment a few minutes early so I could swing by Starbucks.  For some reason when I drink coffee my appetite is altered for the rest of the day.  It KILLS my appetite!  Maybe it is the caffeine?  I hardly drink any caffeine.  Who knows.

IMG_6915Today was Day 2 of my half marathon training and on the plate for today was a three mile run.  I got out at lunch and ran the trails behind my office.  They are pretty hilly and since I threw out my back last week, this was my first day running in about 10 days.  It was also a lot hotter out than I had expected.  Wow…these are a lot of excuses, huh?  As you can see from the blurry picture above, I averaged a 9:55 min/mi pace.  I prefer to average about a 9 min/mi pace, so I was a tad disappointed.  I realized I need to take the first mile a bit slower so I don’t burn out so quickly.  This will be crucial for my half marathon.

Speaking of training, I signed up for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June last night.  I am really excited to try another marathon.  I ran my first on in 2005.

Time to eat some dinner…  🙂

Half Marathon Training

Today marks day one of my half marathon training.  I am really looking forward to this training plan and am hopeful that it will really make a difference in my finishing time the end of January.  This will be my fourth half marathon, however it will be the first one I adequately trained for.  I have always felt comfortable finishing these before, so I am looking forward to the difference that training will make.

When looking for a training plan, I wanted something that was simple.  I wanted something that would incorporate speed work, cross training, and strength training.  I found this one after searching numerous plans online.  I loaded all of the work-outs into my Google calendar to keep me honest.  Today is a Stretch/Strengthen day.  A little weight training and a 20 minute yoga podcast was the perfect workout to start out the day.
Sunset in Carlsbad
Oh…I captured this picture last night.  It isn’t the greatest, but it just makes me so happy to live in such a beautiful place.

And this is where it begins

I love the start of a new month.  There is a feeling in the air of newness.  Like you can start all over.  I don’t like to wait until New Years to start fresh.  But I feel like starting something new on the first of a month is special.  But before I get into my plans for the month of November, I HAVE to share about my night last night.
Lion King

Yup, I saw “The Lion King”.  I know many, many people have seen it already, but this was my first time.  This was my second Disney show I had seen, however.  I saw “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway when I was in high school.  This show was INCREDIBLE!  The costumes alone were enough to see.  I must admit that going to see professionals “dress up” on Halloween is much nicer than dressing up yourself!  And we had AWESOME seats…fourth row in the center.  Just amazing.


I went to show with my friend Drew and we had dinner at The Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego prior to the show.  They had a fixed priced meal available suited around “The Lion King” and that is what we both got.  Three courses, plus a glass of wine for $40?  Sign me up!  I had the Warm Green Asparagus Spears Salad with Green Asparagus Coulis, shaved Parmesan Cheese and Lemon Sabayon for my appetizer.  My friend would only allow me to take a photo of the menu and not my food…he said I was embarrassing him…ha ha!  For the main course, I had the Prime Beef Tenderloin with Yukon Gold Potato Espuma, Shallot Jam, Port Wine Pearl and Rossini Sauce.  Holy yum!  At this point, I was in foodie heaven.  Seriously.  Finally dessert was an espresso, because I just can’t say no to an espresso at the end of a good meal and my dessert choice.  I chose the  Coconut Parfait with Lime Shortbread, Lemongrass Reduction and Pineapple Sorbet.  All in all, it was a great night.  There is something so fun and special about getting dressed up, having a fabulous and special dinner and seeing an amazing show.  Not something I do often, but something I quite enjoyed.


Okay, now onto my love of the first of the month.  I start training for my half marathon tomorrow (stay tuned for my training plan).  So to combine with this, I have decided to make November “Body Awareness Month”.  I weighed myself this morning (something I don’t normally do) and saw a number on the scale I am not a huge fan of.  I fit in all my clothes perfectly, however I would feel better if I could lose a few pounds.  I have realized lately that my body reacts to foods in a certain way.  I feel different after eating different foods.  And I don’t know why.  Mainly because I am not in tune enough with my body to understand these things.  Therefore, I have decided to journal all of my food and exercise for the month of November.  I will include how I feel physically throughout the month as well.  I want to be able to make a connection between the food I eat and the way it makes me feel.  I am going to essentially be more mindful of my body and its cues to me.  Hopefully I am able to learn a little about myself along the process and I feel better by the end of the month.

Egg in a Hole

This morning started off great with a delicious breakfast.  I have always wanted to try out making an Egg in a Hole.  So I used my very cool Halloween spatula and did just that this morning.  It was delicious!  Paired with a small glass of milk and some hot tea (it is freakin’ cold here this morning…Southern CA my butt!) it was a great way to start the day.

Happy November!