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Okay…I apologize in advance.

I am drogging (drunk blogging).

At least I am not driving! ¬†ūüôā

Had a great night out with some friends and “reconnected” with an old friend. ¬†What is it about kisses after a few drinks? ¬†They seem so different. ¬†And fun. ¬†And exciting. ¬†And different.

I came home alone, of course, but had a fun night kissing and holding hands with an old friend.  And I hope to do this again tomorrow.  Okay, time for sleep!


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Birthday Fun

DSC_0010Today I had the pleasure of driving to 29 Palms, California to celebrate the birthday of my favorite 2-year-old, Camille. ¬†I met Camille the day she was born and she is adorable. ¬†Don’t believe me? ¬†Check out this cutie¬†pie…

DSC_0020Seriously cute, right? ¬†And she is so freakin’ smart! ¬†I listened to her sing her ABC’s (the entire way) and she speaks Spanish! ¬†Her day care provider speaks to the kids pretty much exclusively in Spanish. ¬†How cool is that? ¬†Well, I have been Camille’s unofficial photographer her whole life. ¬†I photographed her on the day of her baptism…DSC_0053And her first trip to the ocean. ¬†DSC_0069It was a blast to get to celebrate with her today. ¬†And I took a lot of pictures (over 100!) and some video. ¬†This is one precious girl. ¬†Happy birthday Camille!

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