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My alcohol induced weekend was a lot of fun.  Except it kept me from my post yesterday.  Which means I am a NaBloPoMo failure.  Oh well.  I will continue to do my best the rest of the month and see what happens.  Anyone want a recap of my crazy weekend?  I do…ha ha!

Started out on Friday with a LONG day at work.  I guess no one got the memo that we should secure early on Fridays.  I didn’t get out of there until almost 6.  A friend was in town for the weekend, so once I get home and showered, I met up with four friends and we went downtown Carlsbad for the night.  LOTS of beer later, I stumbled into my apartment and proceeded to fall fast asleep.  But for some reason I watched Fridays episode of Days of Our Lives first.  I totally love that show and am addicted.  Any one else?  It is getting REALLY good now too.  Okay, tangent over.

Saturday, I slept in and then decided to go shopping.  Seriously, I was looking for something specific which means I bought NOTHING.  I believe it is a scientific fact that when you aren’t looking for anything, you find EVERYTHING to buy and when you want something specific, you find nothing.  Then I watched “The Proposal”.  That is one funny movie!  I really enjoyed it and recommend it.  Then, met up with some of the same friends from Friday night and we made our way to San Diego for the night.

Have you ever been the only girl out with three guys?  Hysterical.  Tons more beer was consumed and we played the LBD game.  Haven’t heard of it before?  Well, that is probably because I came up with it on the way to San Diego.  Basically, we counted the number of girls wearing “little black dresses” that we saw throughout the night.  I think the final count on the way out-of-town was 94.  Watching the guys scream “74!” while point to a girl across the street was a blast.  I took a “nap” on my friends couch and finally drove to my apartment around 5 this morning.  Needless to say, I slept in again today.

After some cleaning and some more movie watching (“The Ugly Truth” was really cute) I decided it was time to purge all of the weekends festivities from my system with a run.  I had a six-mile run on my training plan scheduled for today and that is what I did.  Just and out and back and I felt really good.  I was slower than my long run last week, but I ran the whole time and felt good.  My knee is pretty sore and I have already iced it once.  Will probably do that again later tonight.

Now I am off to meet up with friends for pizza and some Rock Band.  Yes.  And no beer.  At all.  Are you bored with my weekends ramblings?  If you are still reading this, bless your heart.  I would have been bored after Friday.  🙂


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Steeler Nation

IMG_6929I am currently sporting my Troy Polamalu jersey and supporting my Steelers as they beat up the Denver Bronco’s in Monday Night Football.  So this is going to have to be quick.  But I was so excited about my run this morning, I had to share!


I had to push my long run back one day because of the party I went to yesterday.  But I pounded out my five miles this morning down by the ocean and it was awesome.  I didn’t stress about my speed and just enjoyed the run.  And enjoy I did!  After the run, I hit the gym and did some upper body lifting and then took a 75 min restorative yoga class.  It was great!  Just the stretch I needed!

I leave you with my new favorite running t-shirt.  Go Steelers!IMG_6926

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Okay…today was a good day.  The red cup is back at Starbucks and so are Gingerbread Lattes.  I am on generally one of those people who counts down to Christmas.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  But I like the fact that it is now November and the holidays are upon us.  It doesn’t get better than this time of year!  I made a point to leave my apartment a few minutes early so I could swing by Starbucks.  For some reason when I drink coffee my appetite is altered for the rest of the day.  It KILLS my appetite!  Maybe it is the caffeine?  I hardly drink any caffeine.  Who knows.

IMG_6915Today was Day 2 of my half marathon training and on the plate for today was a three mile run.  I got out at lunch and ran the trails behind my office.  They are pretty hilly and since I threw out my back last week, this was my first day running in about 10 days.  It was also a lot hotter out than I had expected.  Wow…these are a lot of excuses, huh?  As you can see from the blurry picture above, I averaged a 9:55 min/mi pace.  I prefer to average about a 9 min/mi pace, so I was a tad disappointed.  I realized I need to take the first mile a bit slower so I don’t burn out so quickly.  This will be crucial for my half marathon.

Speaking of training, I signed up for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June last night.  I am really excited to try another marathon.  I ran my first on in 2005.

Time to eat some dinner…  🙂

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Today marks day one of my half marathon training.  I am really looking forward to this training plan and am hopeful that it will really make a difference in my finishing time the end of January.  This will be my fourth half marathon, however it will be the first one I adequately trained for.  I have always felt comfortable finishing these before, so I am looking forward to the difference that training will make.

When looking for a training plan, I wanted something that was simple.  I wanted something that would incorporate speed work, cross training, and strength training.  I found this one after searching numerous plans online.  I loaded all of the work-outs into my Google calendar to keep me honest.  Today is a Stretch/Strengthen day.  A little weight training and a 20 minute yoga podcast was the perfect workout to start out the day.
Sunset in Carlsbad
Oh…I captured this picture last night.  It isn’t the greatest, but it just makes me so happy to live in such a beautiful place.

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